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SkyRidge Golf Course and Soren's Cafe are open to the public.  Mandated Covid - 19 restrictions, and the safety of our guest, require the weaing of face masks when within the building and/or within 6 feet of another patron.


The course and driving range are open 7 days a week from 8am - Sundown.  However, we request carts be returned at 6:30ish.  Soren's Cafe is open Tuesday - Sunday 9am- 3pm.



*Reminder:  When there is frost and play has been allowed to commence, Jeff asks that golfers drive on designated cart paths, where possible, until the frost is completely clear.

5 Things Every Golfer Needs to Know 

About Frost Delays


Crunchy grass is vulnderable to damage.

1.)  Golf course turf is normally resilient to traffic, but when ice crystals form inside the plants, they become brittle and vulnerable to damage. Walking or driving over frost-covered grass may rupture plant cells, leading to long-term damage or even dead turf. One may not see the negative impact from shoe or tire treads right away, but know it is happening, and it can take grass more than a month to recover from this damage. 


Location is everything.

 2.)  You may have no sign of frost at your house, on your car, or along the streets where you live, just to make it to the course and find yourself waiting on a frost delay. This is because frost can linger in colder microclimates long after other areas have thawed. North-facing slopes, low-lying areas, and spots sheltered from wind and sun are especially likely to remain covered with frost. If you are worried about a potential frost delay, feel free to call SkyRidge Golf Course (360) 683-3673, after 8am, to check on conditions before leaving your home. 


Closely mown turf is at high risk. 

3.)  Frost damage can occur on any part of the golf course, but it poses the greatest risk to closely mown turf. Putting greens are particularly vulnerable because they experience the most concentrated amount of foot traffic. A foursome takes approximately 300 steps on each putting green. If there is frost present, all those steps could cause serious damage.


A little frost can cause big delays. 

4.)  No signs of frost on the first tee? That doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the "all clear" from Jeff or Jerry. If frost remains in areas that are unavoidable early in the round, the course must remain closed. It is also important to keep in mind that once the frost is totally clear, the maintenance staff will need time to catch up on course preparations before play can begin. 


Light goes a long way. 

5.)  Shade extends frost delays by preventing sunlight from melting the frost. Luckily, SkyRidge is a links-style course, so there are less trees providing less shade. That being said, however, there are some shady areas on the course. The longer the frost delay, the more opportunity the sun has to reach these spots.


*Interesting Fact:  The coldest part of the day (sans storm fronts) is just after the sun rises. Which means that, for at least a little while, after sunrise, the loss from infrared radiation (cooling of the surface) will exceed the gain from thermal radiation. I.e. It takes time for the incoming heat from the sun to counteract the rate at which the ground is losing heat. A possible result of this natural phenomenon is a "flash freeze." Golf courses, once again, are particularly susceptible. While the Earth waits for the sun's rays to permeate during sunrise, the ground is emiting heat and, as such, cooling at the same time. Meanwhile, without infrared heat, the energy coming off the Earth's surface is cooling just above the still cooling surface of the Earth and that mixture of heat and cold can cause frost in a short amount of time when there hadn't been any all night (,, Jeff Pedersen, and Nick Warren). 


Rest assured, we, at SkyRidge, want to get you out on the course as soon as possible. But this means doing so in a way that preserves the integrity of the greens. Our limited crew of employees and volunteers work very hard all year long to provide you with greens and fairways that rival those of neighboring, competition courses in regards to their health, playability, manicured aesthetic, and color. If there is a frost delay, pop on in to Soren's Café and have a cup of coffee, cocoa, or breakfast. Enjoy a program of your choosing on one of our five televisions, or get acquainted with some of our regulars. And feel good about yourself knowing you are doing your part to perserve the value of play at SkyRidge Golf Course. 


Pro Shop Attendants will endeavor to frequently post frost delay updates on the website, in an effort to save you a trip or a phone call. As ever, thank you for your patience, understanding, and flexiblity with this process as we golf our way through the winter months. 


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If you get a chance, congratulate

Mr. Derek Moore

on his very first ever Hole in One!



Friday, November 1st, approx. 4:30pm

Silver Tees  ~  Hole 8 - 102 yard

Stick:  56° Wedge Titleist Vokey SM6

Ball:  Taylormade Project (a)

Witness:  Jeremy Oliver

Trajectory:  "When I hit it, it was going right at the pin the whole way. [...] Two hops then dropped [right into the hole]. [...] Never left the flag"


Congratulations, Derek, on a game well played and a Bucket List item checked!

Hey Everyone, this is Josh Koester. 

He is now the Course Record Holder for the Silver Tees here at SkyRidge. 


On Sunday, October 13th, Mr. Koester shot a 64 from the Silver Tees. He golfed 10 Birdies, 6 Pars, and 2 Bogey shots. 

He claimed the Silver Tees record from Carl Taylor, who has held the record since April 2012 with his 68. 


Mike Tiption, Dan Owen and Dean Owen were witnesses to Josh's incredible game. "I've never seen anyone get 10 birdies." - Dean O. 


Excellent game, Josh! Well played and Congratulations. 

Kevin McCarter

Very FIRST, EVER Hole-In-One!
Holed in one on #17  ~  140 yards  ~  about 6pm
Crush Supreme Nike Ball  ~  TaylorMade M4 9 Iron
Lance Gardner and Don Purser were witnesses.
The ball landed, bounced twice and in it went.

Kevin has been golfing for about two and a half years. He became a member at SkyRidge Golf Course in March (2019) and, immediately afterward, became a regular installation in our tournaments and weekly games. He later joined the SkyRidge Merchant League for the first time this season.

Kevin has been a great addition to our golf community.

Congratulations, Kevin! Well played.


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Your ProShop Staff:  Pete Young, Dale Erickson, Kathy Langson, Jennifer Horton, Alec Weldon, Jerry Pedersen, and Jeff Pedersen. 

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Soren's Café Hours - Summer Hours 

Monday   Closed

 Tuesday         9am - 3pm

 Wednesday   9am - 3pm

  Thursday       9am - 3pm

Friday          9am -3pm 

  Saturday        9am - 3pm

  Sunday          9am - 3pm 


Hours of Soren's Café's operation may be variable dependent on tournaments, special/private events,

inclement weather, and/or Seahawks games.


Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding. 

How to Sign Up for Tournaments:

Sign up in the ProShop (7015 Old Olympic Hwy) or over the phone at (360) 683-FORE (3673). 

Having trouble getting a foursome together? Call us and we'll work to partner you with one of our members. 

We're always glad to have new golfers on our course and we have a great group of members who are very welcoming. 


Become a Member:

Whether you're new to the sport or not, SkyRidge is a great place to keep your handicap on file. For $45.00 a year,  you can register your handicap index.  We use the WA/USGA system which can be accessed at any other golf course that uses the system. 

180° View of the Mountains

Nestled between the base of the Olympic Mountain Range and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, you'll find SkyRidge Golf Course & Soren's Café. The owners and operators of this establishment, The Pedersen Family, have thoughtfully incorporated the natural elements of the surrounding geography into your golfing and dining experience. 

"Everyone knows your name."

Whether you come in for a cup a coffee at the turn, a beer while watching the game, or one of Tess' awesome breakfasts, burgers, or pie, you'll be treated like one of the gang here at Soren's Café.

Check us out on Facebook at:  Soren's Cafe at SkyRidge Golf Course

See "Soren's Café Menus" at the bottom of the page for a detailed listing of what we offer in the café.




     Slope Rating at SkyRidge Golf Course


Type  ·         Tee  ·     Front 9  ·     Back 9  · 18 Hole Rating  · Total Yardage  ·
Men Black 35.6/114 35.1/125 70.7/120 6527
Men Green 34.8/115 33.8/111 68.6/113 6136
Men Silver 34/108 32.8/110 66.8/109 5777
Men Purple 32.4/103 31.2/103 63.6/103 5090
Women Black 38.6/129 38/131 76.6/130 6527
Women Green 37.8/125 36.6/126 74.4/126 6136
Women Silver 36.9/121 35.5/121 72.4/121 5777
Women Purple 34.9/114 33.6/111 68.5/113 5090


SkyRidge Golf Course:  The only golf course on the Olympic Peninsula where you can drive to your ball every day of the year. 

Welcome to SkyRidge Golf Course, the family owned and operated golf course off of Old Olympic Highway.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you are welcome to enjoy all the amenities our public course offers, every day of the year. SkyRidge Golf Course has a driving range, putting & chipping greens, proshop, power or push carts to rent, and access to a PGA-certified pro for lessons.

Course History

This summer, SkyRidge Golf Course is celebrating its 16th year; and all year long, members and visitors alike have been saying it's our best year yet. This land has a rich history. First settled by Soren Pedersen after he emigrated to the United States from Denmark, he developed an 80-acre dairy farm. The land has since been passed on to his children, Jeff, Martin, and Annie, who, with the help of friends, family, community members, Sequim Pioneers, and volunteers, throughout the years, changed the topography of this slice of the Dungeness Valley into the only links-style golf course on the Olympic Peninsula.


We are a 10-hole golf course that doubles as an 18-hole course, the back nine being played from a separate set of tees. "A 10-hole golf course," you may be asking yourself? Yes! When playing 9 holes, you can either end your game on Hole #9 or use the finishing hole, also known as Hole #18. We boast walkable, wide open fairways where you can drive to your ball all year round, challenging holes, surreptitiously placed moguls, as well as water hazards, and sand traps. And last but not least, our namesake comes from having an absolutely stunning view of the Olympic Mountain Range from every hole! So when you're taking a scenic drive through Sequim's countryside, be sure to turn into 7015 Old Olympic Highway and take in all we offer. When you're here, you're family. 

2019/2020 Winner's Circle

Winners:  Mid-Winter, 3-Person Scramble

Low Gross  (  ):  

1st Net  (.):  

2nd Net  (59.0):  John Bunting (Alderbrook Golf Club Member), Joe Dominczyk (Gold Mountain Golf Club Member), and

Larry Eoff (Gold Mountain Golf Club Member)

3rd Net  (59.8):  Jerry Pedersen (SRGC Member), Shane Price (SRGC Member), Lance Gardner



Winners:  Super Bowl Shoot Out





Winners:  Winter Links Open

Gross (217):  Mark Ajax, Doug Lux, Chris Luxand Brian Lux

1st Net (192.3):  Jerry Pedersen, Herman Murillo (SRGC Member), Danny Romero (Cedars at Dungeness Member), and 

Shane Price

2nd Net (195.5):  Gary Thorne, Kathy Thorne, Mark Mitrovich, and Lori Mitrovich  (Cedars at Dungeness Members)

3rd Net (199.3):  Don Purser (SRGC Member), Derek Moore (SRGC Member), Mike Payton (SRGC Member), Courtland "Goose" Mildenburger (Cedars at Dungeness Member)



Winners:  Golf for Softball Fundraiser

Net:  Jeremy Copeland, Tony Walker, Jade Tisdale & Glen Pizzuto, 



Winners:  St. Paddy's Shamrock Scramble

Gross (56):  Mark Mitrovich, Gary Thorne, Russell Thorne, Adam Carignan

1st Net (53):  Brian Lux, Doug Lux, Chris Lux, Mark Ajax

2nd Net (54):  Don Purser, Matt Huskwick (SRGC Member), Kevin McCarter (SRGC Member), Courtland "Goose" Mildenburger 

3rd Net (55.3):  Herman Murillo, Miky "Dirty" Payton, Danny Romero, Derek Moore



Winners:  Gut Buster

Gross (80):  Greg White (SRGC Member)

Net (62):  Pete Young



Winners:  Spring Opener

Gross (62):  Gary Thorne (SRGC Member) & Mark Mitrovich

1st Net Tie (60.2): Doug Lux & Brian Lux, David Gebhardt & Chris Edmonds

2nd Net (62.2):  Danny Romero & Shane Quinett

3rd Net (63.6):  Derek Moore & Jeremy Oliver



Winners:  Peninsula Cup

SkyRidge Golf Course


Gross:  Josh Koester

Net:  Richard Fisher



Winners:  Memorial Day

1st Net:  Rob Reese  ~  2nd Net:  Mike Tipton  ~  3rd Net:  Jerry Pedersen  ~ 

4th Net:  Jim Lounsberry  ~  5th Net:  Don Bridges  ~  6th Net:  Jac Osborn



Winners:  16th Anniversary

Gross:  Mike Tipton & Josh Koester

Net:  Jeremy Oliver & Adamn Shantz



Winners:  Stars and Stripes

Gross:  Shane Price & Jeremy Oliver

Net:  Jerry Pedersen & Derek Moore



Winners:  Clallam Links British Open

Gross:  Sean O'Mera

Net:  Tim Bittner



Winners:  Club Championship

Gross:  Gary Thorne

Net:  Pete Nesse



Gross:  Kathy Langston

Net:  Kathy Thorne



Winners:  Summer 3-Person Scramble

Gross (60):  Lux Team  ~  Doug Lux, Brian Lux, and Mark Ajax

Net (52):  Murillo Team  ~  Herman Murillo, Chris Edmonds, and Dave Gebhardt



Winners:  Fall Scramble

Gross (65):  Mike Tipton & Josh Koester

Net (61.9):  Doug Lux & Brian Lux




Winners:  Players Championship

Gross (71):  Josh Koester

1st Net (69):  Jerry Pedersen (by scorecard playoff)

2nd & 3rd Net (69):  Dan Dougherty & Dennis Ferrie (in that order, by scorecard playoff)




Winners:  Battle At The Ridge

Gross:  Day One  Mike Tipton/Josh Koester (67)

                Day Two Gary Thorne/Mark Mitrovich (63)

                Overall Gary Thorne/Mark Mitrovich (133)


Net:  Day One - 1st (Tie)  Mike Tipton/Josh Koester (59) & Derek Moore/Brandon Lancelle (59)

                                 2nd Matt Huswick/Kevin McCarter (61)

                                 3rd (Tie)  Herman Murillo/Pete Young (62) & Jim Lounsberry/Brian Cays (62)

            Day Two - 1st  Matt Huswick/Kevin McCarter

                                   2nd (Tie)  Derek Moore/Brandon Lancelle (60) & Herman Murillo/Pete Young (60)

                                   3rd (Tie)  Mike Tipton/Josh Koester (62) & Jim Lounsberry/Brian Cays (62)

             Overall - 1st & 2nd (Tie)  Derek Moore/Brandon Lancelle & Matt Huswick/Kevin McCarter (119)

                                3rd  Mike Tipton/Josh Koester



Winners:  Post-Turkey Day

Gross      (69.8):  Mike Tipton/Josh Koester

1st Net    (62.2):  Doug Lux/Don Weathersby

2nd Net  (64.7):  Don Purser/Lance Gardner

3rd Net  (65.0):  Jerry Pederson/Matt Huswick



Winners:  Pre-Christmas







Winners:  Mid-Winter, 3-Person Scramble

Low Gross  (58):  Gary Thorne and Mark Mitrovitch

1st Net  (57.6):  Peter Young (SkyRidge Golf Course [SRGC] Volunteer & Member), Dusty Henry, Mike Payton (Cedars at Dungeness Member)

2nd Net  (59.0):  John Bunting (Alderbrook Golf Club Member), Joe Dominczyk (Gold Mountain Golf Club Member), and

Larry Eoff (Gold Mountain Golf Club Member)


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