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We at SkyRidge appreciate our patrons, members, and volunteers.

We'll show that by having you wear a goofy hat on your birthday and taking a picture to post on Soren's Café's facebook page, giving hugs if it's been a while since we've seen you, and much more. On the finishing hole, you'll see players take off their hats and shake hands, congratulating each other on a game well played. And if we haven't seen you in an alarmingly long while, we'll call you to make sure you're okay.

... When you come here, you're not a number; you're family. 





The only way to layout a driving range is from north to south; that way you're always able to see the back of the ball. At [the other golf courses] you're either looking right into the morning sun or blinded when you look up to follow your ball. Jeff did it right here.  ~ Don Walker, SkyRidge's newest Driving Range passholder. 9/7/2019 


Theresa peeked out the window at a couple walking up to Soren's Café and said, "They're going to split a Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries and order two waters. You watch." Sure enough, in walked Jen and Ryan and Theresa asked if they wanted a menu to which Jen replied, "Nah, we're going to split a Bacon Cheeseburger and have a couple of waters. It's our SkyRidge thang."  ~ 8/24/2019  We appreciate our regulars and look forward to serving them whenever they come in. And it's all right to change up your order. Feel free to keep us on our toes ;-)


"Man, I love this s*@&!"  ~  Kevin McCarter about his fourth tournament at SkyRidge, the Spring Opener - 2019, as he and his partner dug into the AYCE Taco Bar.  


I do some of my job from the ProShop. Sundays are a good day to get website work done or crunch numbers from the Sunday game scorecards. I look forward to Sundays for many reasons, but my favorite thing to do on these days is listen to the waves of  high-spirited laughter coming from our members while they enjoy their beer and lunch in the restaurant. They aggregate around the center table every Sunday after play, coming in shifts; and each group is just as lively as the last. It makes my heart feel good to hear all that laughter as they share stories, make plans, and laugh at each other. ~ Jennifer 1/27/2019 


"Oh! You have nicer [power] carts. The ones at [other golf courses] don't have doors, so if it rains the seats are all wet when you get in." ~ Gordon 1/26/2019 


*Just a little info about our power carts...

The newer power carts at SkyRidge are 1-cylinder and have removable doors and windshields that fold down. Come summer time, the doors come off. Our original power carts are 2-cylinder vehicles and have curtains for doors which help to protect you from the elements.  


"We don't use regular range balls. I may have only seen a handful of actual "range balls." We got everything out there, Titleist... [Callaway, Srixon, Wilson, Pinnacle, Nike, etc.]. So you're using real golf balls when you practice." ~ Jim Lounsberry 1/19/2019 SkyRidge's Volunteer Range Picker talking to a prospective Range Pass member. 


I was riding back from Hole #2 yesterday with Jeff and I looked up and was taken aback by how breaktaking the view of the mountains was. I told Jeff, "You really do have a slice of heaven here." He agreed saying, "Yep, it's the only golf course on the Peninsula where you can see a full span of the [Olympic Mountain] Range from every hole." Later, SkyRidge member, John Naples and I were loading up a power cart and we both couldn't help but take a long moment to gaze up at the freshly, snow-covered mountains. He said, "No matter where you're at on the course, all you have to do is look that way and there they are." ~ Jeff Pedersen, John Naples, Jennifer Horton 1/4/2019


"I had a lot of fun paying your course. I've been a golf pro for 50 years and I didn't know what to expect. But it's in real good shape and I'd play it again."  ~ Bill Tindall 8/28/18

Stories from The Ridge

For the most part, life at SkyRidge Golf Course is quiet and serene. People come and enjoy good food, easy-going service, and/or a fun round of golf. However... once in a while something exciting or unusual happens and news of the event will pass through our little village like wild fire. Below are just some of the stories that we at SkyRidge Golf Course still reminsce about over a burger and beers.  




This is a story written by one of our patrons, Bob Madsen about one of our ProShop volunteers, Pete Young. 


                                                     A SkyRidge Classic  

                              AN ACE... OR NOT?      WRONG HOLE, PETER!


Every golfer's dream is a hole in one. That smooth swing that has the ball bounce onto the green with the perfect roll into the hole. What could be better?


With witnesses a'plenty, our industrious golfer was standing on the 15th tee, a 300 yd Par 4 from the Silver Tees. Taking out his trusty 5 metal, a mighty swing occurs. The ball rises quickly... higher and higher! But, alas...


SkyRidge. We have a problem! 


This powerful swing develops into a big time pull. And what's that?!

The ball sails over the 13th tee box and, 'Oh No!' It heads for the #12 green! Absolutely perfectly, the ball lands on the green and rolls out of sight.


We have all had the pulls and we all have had to hit from around the 12th green. So not to our surprise our adventuous golfer goes looking for his ball. Now, we have two gentlemen playing #12, correctly, where they now watch in awe as Peter walks onto their green to find...

His Ball In The Hole! Wow!


We in his fourseome are going crazy, yelling, and laughing. Now, WE are wondering how many drinks Peter owes us for His hole in one. But to our dismay, we would never know for when we fininshed all we could see was the back of Peter's cart flying down 18 in the opposite direction. 


Right or Wrong hole, A Hole in One is a Big Deal.

Yeah Right!?!?



            Sugar Baby's Wild Ride

Sugar Baby is a black lab who started spending her time at SkyRidge Golf Course when she was just 10 weeks old. Every morning, Jeff would take her out on his morning patrol of the course and she would run alongside his cart. One day, while she was waiting in Jeff's cart for him to take her on her morning run, she managed to release the break and hit the accelerator pedal, and high-tailed it for the driving range. The cart ended up safely coasting into the trees by the ball bin and she was missing for a couple minutes afterward. Volunteers and patrons were all frantically looking for her, meanwhile she showed up on the back porch of the ProShop and waited for someone to let her in, to everyone's relief and delight. So all was well in the end. But it was the darndest thing seeing Sugar Baby in the driver's seat of a golf cart looking like she really had somewhere to go!




If you read the bit about SkyRidge Golf Course's history, then you know it was once a beef farm, and before that, a dairy farm. Now owners, Jeff and Martin, along with Jeff's son, Jerry, all worked the land when it was a dedicated farm. So they aren't strangers to livestock and the shenanigans they can sometimes get into.


In late Spring of 2014, the neighbor's cows got out of their pasture and into SkyRidge's driving range! Tess and Jennifer heard a bunch of our volunteers hollering something about "cows on the course!" They rushed to the back door and watched as Jeff, Marty, A.P., Pete, Jerry, and others, dropped what they had been doing, hopped into their golf carts, and charged after the cows. One would have sworn they could hear "The Flight of the Valkyries" playing as the blue and white, 2-cylinder golf carts took off at top speed, their curtain doors whipping wildly at their sides, whirring at a whopping fifteen miles per hour down the hill and out to the 150... 200... 250, nay, the 275 driving range yard markers and beyond, coordinating their movements to expertly herd the bovines back to their noreasterly territory! Good times. 


 "What's the red flag all about?"

This question has come up more than once.

Jeff's father, Soren Pedersen, was born and raised in Denmark. The U.S. military recruited him to be a meat cutter during WWII. During this time, Soren also worked for the Danish Underground, smuggling Jews away from Hitler's slaughterous Nazi regime. Soren later emigrated to the United States from Denmark. The story goes, he went directly to Hawaii and that's where he met his wife, Evelyn. In memory of Soren and out of respect for his family overseas, Jeff flies not only the Stars and Stripes but the Dannebrog as well.  



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