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For the most part, life at SkyRidge Golf Course is quiet and serene. People come and enjoy good food, easy-going service, or a fun round of golf. However... once in a while something exciting or unusual happens and news of the event will pass through our little village like wild fire. Below are just some of the stories that we at SkyRidge Golf Course still reminsce about over a beer and burger.  

We at SkyRidge appreciate our patrons, members, and volunteers. And we'll show that by having you wear a goofy hat on your birthday and taking a picture of it to post on Soren's Café's facebook page. We hug, shake hands, and if we haven't seen you in while, we'll call you to make sure you're okay. Here's a few more ways we express our appreciation of those who make SkyRidge Golf Course and fun and... interesting place to be. :)


This is a story written by one of our patrons about one of our volunteers. 


                                                     A SkyRidge Classic  

                              AN ACE... OR NOT?      WRONG HOLE, PETER!


Every golfer's dream is a hole in one. That smooth swing that has the ball bounce onto the green with the perfect roll into the hole. What could be better?


With witnesses a'plenty, our industrious golfer was standing on the 15th tee, a 300 yd Par 4 from the Silver Tees. Taking out his trusty 5 metal, a mighty swing occurs. The ball rises quickly... higher and higher! But, alas...


SkyRidge. We have a problem! 


This powerful swing develops into a big time pull. And what's that?!

The ball sails over the 13th tee box and, 'Oh No!' It heads for the #12 green! Absolutely perfectly, the ball lands on the green and rolls out of sight.


We have all had the pulls and we all have had to hit from around the 12th green. So not to our surprise our adventuous golfer goes looking for his ball. Now we have two gentlemen playing #12, correctly, where they now watch in awe where Peter walks onto their green to find...

His Ball In The Hole! Wow!


We in his fourseome are going crazy, yelling, and laughing. Now, WE are wondering how many drinks Peter owes us for His hole in one. Alas, we would never know for when we fininshed all we could see was the back of Peter's cart flying down 18 in the opposite direction. 


Right or Wrong hole, A Hole in One is a Big Deal.

Yeah Right!?!?

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