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"I had a lot of fun paying your course. I've been a golf pro for 50 years and I didn't know what to expect. But it's in real good shape and I'd play it again." ~Bill Tindall 8/28/18

Jennifer to first time SkyRidge golfer after play, "Well, what did you think of the course?" Greg - "I really enjoyed it. I liked that you could really rip it off the tee and not get in too much trouble."  ~  Greg 1/30/2019


I do some of my job from the ProShop. Sundays are a good day to get some website work done or crunch numbers from the Sunday game scorecards. I look forward to Sundays for many reasons, but my favorite thing to do is listen to the waves of  high-spirited laughter coming from our members while they enjoy their beverages and lunch in the restaurant. They aggregate around the center table every Sunday after play, coming in shifts; and each group is just as lively as the last. It makes my heart feel good to hear all that laughter as they share stories, make plans, and laugh at each other. ~ Jennifer 1/27/2019 


"Oh! You have nicer [power] carts. The ones at [other golf courses] don't have doors, so if it rains the seats are all wet when you get in." ~ Gordon 1/26/2019  Our newer power carts are 1-cylinder and have doors on them. The upper portion of the windshield folds down if you prefer. The doors come off during the summer months. Our original power carts are 2-cylinder vehicles and have curtains for doors which help to protect you from the elements.  


"We don't use regular range balls. I may have only seen a handful of actual "range balls." No, we got everything out there, Titleist... [Callaway, Srixon, Wilson, Pinnacle, Nike, etc.]. So you're using real golf balls when you practice." ~ Jim Lounsberry 1/19/2019 SkyRidge's Volunteer Range Picker talking to a prospective Range Pass member. 


I was riding back from hole two yesterday with Jeff and I looked up and was taken aback at how breathtaking the view of the mountains was. I told Jeff, "You really do have a slice of heaven here." He agreed saying, "Yep, it's the only golf course on the Peninsula where you can see the full span of the [Olympic Mountain] Range from every hole." Later, John Naples and I were loading up a power cart and just took a long moment to gaze up at the freshly, snow-covered mountains. He said, "No matter where you're at on the course, all you have to do is look that way and there they are." ~ Jennifer Horton  1/4/2019

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